About Us

Since 2000, Vitronics has been operating in the security sector as a distributor of integrated security systems, namely: Fire Security Systems, Anti-intrusion Systems, Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Metal Detection, as well as providing consultancy services in Fire Security Projects.

Over these 21 years Vitronics has consolidated a position as a reference in the security market, supplying certified installers, government entities, hospitals, schools, technology centres and gas stations, among many others.

Assuming a philosophy of betting on technological innovations and cutting edge solutions, it is proud of the relationship of trust and satisfaction established with our customers.

Because it cares about the environment, it has implemented new methods of action that are currently being certified by competent bodies and will be indicators of the contribution to better environmental quality for all.

The equipment it distributes is manufactured by International Leading brands, with several awards in recognition of its reliability and quality.

With the bet made on suppliers, it understands that the basis of success depends on the quality of the products it distributes. Thus, it has developed mutual cooperation agreements for rapid and sustained growth of all stakeholders, satisfying and anticipating customer needs in an effective and profitable way.

Its actions are based on specialized technical support, with qualified technicians, as well as on budgeting support.

Training was one of the goals achieved in 2003, both for the equipment and brands it represents, as well as for a more general subject.

With properly accredited trainers, the quality of their training activities have been recognized and requested.

Such attitude certainly contributes decisively in choosing the best technical solution in the elaboration of customer security projects.

It develops a strong dynamic with technical and logistical capabilities suited to a diversified business universe, asserting itself as an outstanding leader in the Security market in Portugal.

It consolidates this leadership through penetration into new market sectors by betting on strong International Partnerships.

Prepares all essential communication strategy so that the product can develop all its potential, dealing regularly with promotional campaigns, Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, Mailings, Show-Room.

Vitronics believes that the foundation of success depends on the careful quality of the products it represents, satisfying and anticipating market needs in an effective and profitable way, providing a safe and competitive commercial development.

Vitronics is counting on you.