Net prices, VAT not included (23%).

Prices and products may be changed at any time without notice.

The photos shown are purely demonstrative and may have changes in relation to the final product.

Material available except stock rupture.

The currency of payment is in Euros .


The method of payment is cash or by term established by the Company (in writing).

Invoices pending or partially collected, the material is property of: "Vitronics, L.da".

The price/payment conditions, discounts or price increases of the products available on this site are dynamic and subject to change depending on the commercial strategy.

Amounts not paid within the established deadlines are subject to interest at the annual rate of 14.05% or whenever higher, at the current legal rate.

When there are unpaid amounts, Vitronics reserves the right to deny any supply of products and/or services.

Payment by cheques or cheques without provision:

- Cheques without Provision are subject to processing costs in the amount of the bank charges plus 37.00 Euros for postage and processing, not exceeding 47.00 Euros.

- Cheques must be made out for the due date shown on the invoice/VD. When dates that do not coincide with the due date of the invoice are put on the cheque, without the express written authorisation of the administration, Vitronics reserves the right to put the cheques on the due date of the invoice without any prior notice.

- The return of cheques due to lack of funds, cancellation of accounts and cheques or other reasons beyond our control, will always give rise to the debit of late payment interest at the legal rate in force (or a minimum of 9.05%) in accordance with the DGT notice no. 6923/2005, in addition to the debit of the charges referred to in paragraph 1.

- Interest shall also be charged at the annual rate of 14.05% or at the legal rate, whenever there are any constraints attributable to the customer for the presentation of the cheque on the due date of the invoice.

- The return of cheques with the indication "lost" on the back or other that denotes the obvious intention of evading the responsibility of payment implies the automatic cutting of credit to the customer and the application from the date of the invoice of the previous point.


The goods are delivered from any of our warehouses and travel at the buyer's risk.

Whenever the customer receives an order via any carrier, he should always make a note in the Transport Document: "Goods subject to confirmation of the Delivery Status" even if the packaging is apparently in perfect condition.

Otherwise, you should mention: "Packaging Damaged", a procedure that will enable us to claim for compensation or replacement of the non-conforming products. Note that compensation is always based on the weight of the product sent and not the real value of the same, so whenever you want you should request in writing the addition of an extra transport insurance.


Customers have a maximum of 14 days to check and verify the goods. 

Returns must always be approved by: "Vitronics, L.da". Subject to verification of the material.

Delivery charges are payable by the customer.

Returns will only be accepted with the original packaging in good condition and upon presentation of the original purchase document.


The equipment is guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year and a two year guarantee for the end consumer (natural person whose product is unrelated to their commercial or professional activity) in accordance with Decree Law 67/2003 of 08-04-2003. The warranty period starts on the date of purchase of the equipment.

Regardless of being under warranty or not, whenever, in the equipment delivered for repair, no fault is detected or it has been caused by misuse, or by problems originated by software, it will be charged the amount of the respective technical assistance service based on the tables available at the time of the occurrence.

The Vitronics after-sales service is not an authorised repair centre. All equipment under warranty will be repaired/replaced by the respective manufacturer. Vitronics is limited to complaining to them about possible malfunctions or defects and thus guiding the customer in the guarantee process. The average repair/replacement time for equipment under warranty is 2 to 4 weeks and is the responsibility of the manufacturer/representative.

If any equipment can no longer be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer, it will be exchanged for another equivalent in performance and/or characteristics, always taking into account the characteristics of the product and never its sale price at the time of purchase from the date of the transport or similar invoice.

The guarantee covers defects in materials, not transport costs.

Abuse, misuse or any repair carried out by an unauthorised person or technical service will void the guarantee.

It is considered that the misapplication/use or wear of the same, do not enter into the warranty.

The technical characteristics of the equipment may vary for improvements or new features introduced on the same, without notice.

"Vitronics, Lda" is not responsible for damages or losses that may result from malfunction or faulty installation of the equipment supplied.


Our shop undertakes to comply with the terms of paragraph 1 of Article 6 of Decree Law 143/2001 of 26 April, which stipulates that in distance contracts the consumer has a minimum period of 14 days to rescind the contract without payment of compensation and without the need to state the reason. Additionally, our shop undertakes to comply with all current legislation on distance selling and e-commerce, namely Decree Law 143/2001, Decree Law 07/2004 , as well as other legal provisions in force that apply to this business.

For the resolution of any dispute regarding the sale, both parties submit themselves to the Courts of Sintra, renouncing the buyer to its own jurisdiction and domicile.


For all equipment not collected within 30 days of repair, Vitronics will charge a storage fee of €0.50/day. If the customer does not pick up the equipment within 120 days of delivery for service, it will be considered abandoned and sent to recycling centres.

The time/hours spent on technical assistance requested by our customers, at their premises, will be charged at the rate of 37,00 € + VAT/ hour.*

When previously agreed and requested, such assistance may be free of charge.

*Travelling fee and VAT will be added

Specifications, prices and photos may be changed without notice for equipment improvements.